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BasketballHighland at Poky Boys basketballCentury at Poky Girls BasketballIdaho Falls at Highland Boys BasketballCheer  Leading at Poky High schoolPocatello, Bonneville , Highland and Rigby WrestlingCentury at poky Boys BasketballBlackfoot at Poky Girls Basketballminco at Poky boys basketballrigby  at Poky boys basketballpoky at century girls basketballpoky at blackfoot boys basketballPoky at Century Boys Basketballrigby at Century Girl Basketballpreston at poky boys basketballBlackfoot at Poky Boys district5A District Wrestling_8th Grade Boys Basketballrigby at poky play in game_Furies at Honey Badgers 3-12-16_Idaho Falls at Lady  Badgers_Magic Valley at Honey BadgersBlackfoot at Honey BadgersMadison at Highland BaseballCentury at HighlandPreston at Century Baseball_Rigby at Century_Rush at Lady Badgers Rugby Cup_Dirt war practiceDirt Wars Races 2016Idaho Falls Raceway 6-11Magic Valley Races 7-30Idaho Falls Raceeway 8-12Wood River at Poky jvLittle League Week3Twin Falls at Poky FootballMinico At Century FootballCentury at Highland VolleyballRidgeline Utah at Highland JV FootballCapital at Highland FootballMadison at Poky FootballIdaho Falls At Poky Freshmen and JV FootballAll Star Monster Trucks Twin fallsIdaho Falls Raceway 9-17Idaho Falls Raceway 9-16Highland at poky freshmen and jv footballElks Lodge Demo DerbyPreston at Century FootballBlack & Blue Bowl 2016Preston at Poky Freshmen & JV footballBonneville at Highland Freshmen and JV FootballCentury Football Senior NightSkyline at Century FootballPoky At Century Freshmen & JV FootballIdaho Falls Raceway 10-1Century VS Poky FootballSkyline at Century Boys SoccerRigby at Highland VolleyballTwin Falls at Century Freshmen and JV FootballSkyline at Poky Freshmen & JV FootballRigby at Highland Senior Night8th Grade B League Holt          Chiefs VS Raiders8th Grade A League Holt     Bills VS Broncos6th grade A League Holt Bears VS Eagles6th Grade B League Holt Saints vs West SidePoky at Blackfoot Freshmen & JV FootballIdaho Falls at Century Freshmen FootballHillcrest at Highland Freshmen FootballBlackfoot at Poky Football7th grade Little League FootballAberdeen VS Firth 2A football playoffsSugar Salem VS Shelley3A PlayoffsNorth Fremont vs Wendell 2A Football PlayoffsWest Side vs West Jefferson 2A Football PlayoffsThunder Bowl 2016 Hillcrest at Marsh ValleyWest Jefferson at Aberdeenmountain view at HighlandNew Plymouth vs Bear Lake 2A PlayoffsFruitland at Snake River 3A playoffsTroy at Raft RiverWeiser at Shelley 3A PlayoffsSalmon River at Carey footballSt Maries at Bear Lake 2A PlayoffsNotus at Raft River Football PlayoffsCentury at Highland G BBallSt Maries at Delco 2A Milk BowlOakley at Raft River Milk BowlMinco at Poky Girls BBallPoky at Highland Girls BasketballMinico at Poky Boys basketballBoise at Highland Boys BasketballBorah at Highland Boys BasketballHighland at Century Boys BasketballHighland at Poky Boys BasketballPreston at Poky Girls BasketballTwin falls at Highland Boys BasketballRigby at Highland Girls BasketballMadison at Highland Boys BasketballBonneville at Highland Boys BasketballSkyline at Poky Girls BasketballCentury at Poky Boys BasketballIdaho Falls at Poky Girls BasketballIdaho Falls at Poky Boys BasketballIdaho Classic Cheer at PokyCentury at Poky Girls BasketballBlackfoot at Highland Boys BasketballBurley at Century Boys BasketballPreston at Century Boys BasketballIrving at Franklin 8th Grade 1-26Highland at Century Girls BasketballBlackfoot at Poky Boys BasketballBlackfoot at Poky Girls District BasketballPreston at Poky Boys BasketballHawthrone at Franklin 8th Grade BBall 02-02Franklin at Hawthrone 8th grade BBallIdaho Falls at Poky Girls District GameSkyline at Century Boys Basketball Senior NightFranklin at Irving 8th Grade BBall 2-9Century at Highland Boys Basketball Senior NightFranklin at Alameda 8th Grade BBallCentury at Idaho Falls Boys BBallHawthorne at Franklin BBall 2-16Century at Blackfoot Boys BasketballFranklin at Irving 8th Grade BBall 2-21Blackfoot at Poky Boys BBall District gameFranklin at Alameda 8th Grade Bball 2-23Irving at Franklin 8th BBalls PlayoffsHawthrone at Alameda 8th Grade BBall PlayoffFranklin at Alameda 8th Grade BBall Championship5th District Boys All Star Basketball game5th District Girl All Star Basketball gameCanyon Ridge at Poky SoftballBonneville at Poky SoftballHighland at Century BaseballBlackfoot at Highland Freshmen BaseballBonneville at Highland BaseballBonneville at Highland Freshmen BaseballBlackfoot at Poky BaseballMCR Opening night 4-28MCR 4-29Blackfoot at Poky SoftballIdaho Falls at Poky SoftballBlackfoot at Poky Softball District ChampionshipHillcrest at RazorbacksLegion Baseball Single A Kimberly at RazorbacksBannock Boys Championship Red Sox vs OriolesUpper Valley at Running Rebels Legion BallDay 1 of Razorback TournmentDay 2 Razorback TournmentDay 2 Razorback TournamentPreston Elks 2017 Demo DerbyDiggers at RaysKnights at RazorbacksIdaho Falls Raceway Heat Races July 8thASCS Frontier Sprint Cars AMR 7-21Midgets at Pocatello Raceway 7-22Pro Trucks in Pocatello 7-15-17Mud Sweat and BeersMinico at Highland Freshmen FootballWood RIver At Poky FootballBurley at Century Varsity FootballGrantsville UT VS MinicoMinico at Century JVEagle at Highland FootballBox elder at Poky Freshmen FootballBlackfoot at Century FootballMadison at Highland Girl SoccerHighland at Century Freshmen football2017 Spud Day Demo Derby2017 Elks Lodge Derby at EISFPreston at Poky FootballBlackfoot at Poky VolleyballHighland soccer senior dayRigby at Highland JV FootballBonneville at Highland FootballTwin Falls at Century FootballPoky Senior Night Vs SkylineHillcrest at Highland FootballIdaho Falls at Century FootballSoda Springs at Firth FootballMurtaugh at Butte County FootballEmmett at Century Football 4A Playoffs8th Grade A League Championship8th Grade B league Championship GameMarsh Valley at Sugar- Salem6th Grade B League ChampionshipBishop Kelly at Skyline Football6th Grade A League ChampionshipCapital at Highland Football PlayoffsOrofino at Firth Playoffs7th grade B League Championship7th Grade A League ChampionshipNew Plymouth at Firth 2A Semi FinalsDeary at Carey FootballSnake River at Gooding 3A Semi Finals FootballMinico at Highland Girls BasketballBurley at Poky Girls BBallCoeur d'Alene vs Highland 5A ChampionshipFruitland vs Snake RIver 3A ChampionshipSkyline vs Minico 4A ChampionshipDeclo vs Firth 2A Championship